Access Control

  • As a key element to ensuring the security of your home or business, access control systems have also benefitted from recent technological advances.
  • Home Systems:
    • Our home systems are designed with security and convenience of today’s busy families in mind. Active families find themselves frequently away from home and in need of both security and secure access by children and service providers. Our systems are designed to give families the ability to provide controlled secure access to their home at any time without having to be there all the time. Through programmed key-codes or wireless remote control from your compatible phone, tablet or computer you can allow access to those who need it, without risking access by those who do not.
    • Some of our technology providers are: Schlage, Yale and Linear
  • Commercial Systems:
    • Much more complicated and integrated into the overall security and fire detection systems, commercial access control is a vital part of the security of commercial facilities. Yet, convenience to employees, customers and other visitors is also important. Our systems recognize the need for appropriate balance in both areas.
    • We provide economical Access Control Solutions from simple single-entry keypads to complex, programmable, multi-tenant, multi-level entry systems that can be controlled by property managers, tenants or other third parties. These systems monitor and record access for later analysis and verification, and all are integrated with the broader fire and security systems.
    • We employ a wide range of technology providers, including: Honeywell – Northern Computers, Keyscan Control, Linear, HID, Verisystems, Cypress, Camden, DynaLock, RCI, and Seco-larm.